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Official Magic Sites
Wizards of the Coast
The Official Web Site.

Official Magic: The Gathering Home Page

Official 6th Edition Rulebook
Text file

Other Good Magic Related Sites
Beyond Dominia
The monthly Magic: the Gathering e-zine devoted to the fans of the game.
Magic Joke Collection
Check out the Internet's biggest collection of over 1500 Magic jokes, nicknames, and humorous cards.

Mana Vault
Interactive MTG Database

Dominia's Magic Page
Combos, Decks, and Artist Listings

Vault Magazine
The Online Guide to Trading Card Games

The PlanesWalker League
A Club dedicated to playing Magic: The Gathering online.

Yavapai Open
An excellent resource site for Magic, including software, and a full database of Magic cards with images.

Card set spoilers, rumours and news (Summary by Creeping Mold).

Neutral Ground
The official site of Neutral Ground - Strategy and deck-building tech (Summary by Creeping Mold).

Strategy, top decks, deck-building tech and other cool stuff (Summary by Creeping Mold).

A sweet site. Be sure to check out the 'Encyclopedia Phyrexianna' and the 'Gate to Phyrexia Magazine (Summary by Jvl@).

Age of Dreaming
An expansion set for the game Magic the Gathering. All the images are selected (or created) by Brad Allison. All the ideas are his except where noted. Age of Dreaming is not a WotC production.

Buying Cards and Software Programs
Magic Suitcase Version 7.0 (10 meg)
Software for Win9x, 10meg of space. This program will do the following things: Magic card general reference, Inventory Tracker, Deck builder, Deck Tester, Generate Practice Sealed Deck, and Print Proxy Cards.

Apprentice 1.46 (1.45 meg)
Apprentice provides a virtual gaming table that players can see and play with M:TG cards with each other. Apprentice manages players Magic decks on both sides, shuffles, and deals you your cards. It keeps track of the cards in your hand, your graveyard, in your library, and the table. It also keeps track of lifepoints, counters, current turns and phases, and number of cards left in players libraries. It essentially allows you to play Magic without needing a single physical M:TG card.

Apprentice Oracle Upgrade (400K)
The latest database upgrade (including 7th Edition) for Apprentice - no Flavor Text for 7th Edition cards yet, though.

AOL Instant Messenger
AOL Instant Messenger is one of the tools you can use to connect to play Magic online through Apprentice - other tools (ICQ etc.) exist.

What is Netdraft? NetDraft is an interface which allows multiplayer Magic: the Gathering drafting for up to 8 people. It offers Booster and Rochester draft, card information, and a convenient deck builder. NetDraft requires Windows 95/98/NT. (Note: Installation under Windows NT may require administrator access.)

The National Collector
There Quote to Fame, "We stock more Magic TG, Star Wars, Middle Earth, Legend of the Five Rings, Spawn, KISS, Puppet Master, Star Wars Action Figures, Beanie Babies, Barbie, Hundreds More Action Figures & Toys, Movie Props and other Collectibles than anyone! If you are looking for the hottest Collectibles at competitve prices, you can trust TNC to be your one stop site." But they do have a good selection at ok prices.

Other Stuff
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